3 Rookie Errors Marketing Agency Owners Make

So – it’s come to my attention that I’ve let you all down…

No, really.

See, I’ve been in the trenches, building my marketing agency for the past 3 or 4 years now and I’m continually asked the same questions by other marketers:

  • How do I scale my agency beyond 6 figures per year?
  • What do I need to do to generate a consistent flow of leads to my agency
  • How do I hire the right talent, where do I find them, what systems do I need?

The list goes on and on…

So I decided it’s time to uncover the secrets I’ve discovered after growing my digital agency GrowRev to multi 7 figures.

So here goes:

Today, I’m going to share the 3 most common mistakes 6 figure “agency’s” (if you can even call them that) make – and how to avoid them.

See – making these simple yet incredibly costly mistakes will destroy your chances of building an agency that gives you the income, lifestyle, and freedom you truly desire.

They will keep you stuck working in the business, dealing with pesky clients and riding the never-ending Facebook roller coaster…

Day in, day out until you eventually come to your senses and quit.

I hate to say it… but that’s where you’re headed if you don’t correct these mistakes quickly.

“So Master Rohan, tell me… what are these deadly mistakes I’m making?”

I thought you’d never ask.

Let me get straight into it:

Killer Mistake #1: You don’t focus on building a consistent lead flow.


Here’s how most marketers run their agency:

They do just enough to generate a few leads… whether that’s through paid marketing, content or referrals – and then they make a sale.

At this point… they go into fulfillment mode to serve their new client… and everything else comes to a grinding halt.

As you would probably know… the agency world is volatile on a good day. So what happens when they inevitably lose a client?

It’s feast and famine mode.

They begin to stress, constantly worried about how they will pay staff, contractors or themselves as they have no leads… and now even less revenue.

So – here’s the solution:

Build a SYSTEM for lead generation that works 24/7, regardless of what is going on in your business.

I get it – trust me…

Sometimes shit hits the fan and you need to focus on existing clients or staffing issues.

But until you have a system that will generate leads for you, even when you’re at capacity – you will forever be stressed, tired and at the mercy of your current clients.

Now – you might be wondering, how do I build a system to bring leads consistently?

Well – I’m glad you asked. I’ll get to that in just a moment…

Killer Mistake #2: Onboarding Systems


See – when agencies finally get clients on… in spite of their shitty lead gen strategy – 95% of them screw up on the onboarding experience.

And this is a problem for a bunch of reasons:

Firstly, it’s a bad experience for your new client. Not getting things off on the right foot, and immediately impressing the customer is never good.

But secondly… lack of a proper onboarding system again stops you from your number 1 goal – which is to market, sell and onboard more clients and grow your agency.

When you don’t have a proper onboarding system in place, you again get stuck in the delivery phase of your business.

And just like mistake #1 – when you have to stop consistently generating leads and sales to fulfil on your clients…

The stability of your agency drops…

Your stress increases…

And yeah… you know the rest.

So SYSTEMISE your ONBOARDING. It will change your agency forever.

This is one of the main things we’ve focused on that’s allowed us to build a multi 7 figure marketing agency.

Killer Mistake #3: Lack of clear communication with clients


I don’t know what it is with marketing agencies – but they are terrible at this one in particular.

I know my agency was for a period of time.

They suck at communicating with clients, meeting deadlines and finding ways to continually help clients and build a solid relationship.

So many marketing agencies these days are a glorified chop shop.

They rush to sign new clients and pay little attention to fostering a strong relationship, increasing the value they provide and building a sustainable long term business.

This only leads to a high churn rate and constant frustration from clients that don’t get the results they were initially promised.

In some ways, I love agencies like these.

Because their clients end up leaving and coming to GrowRev… where they not only get the results they are promised – but also get treated like family.

At GrowRev, we actually take it further than just communicating well with clients and constantly trying to grow their business.

I fly across the country, and sometimes the world, to visit clients, meet them in person, and better understand how we can support their needs.

I visit Australia once per year for this reason.

I’m not saying you need to fly across the world to visit clients but you can still find ways to communicate with them and build more than just a business relationship. Well, this post got way out of hand… which is why I rarely have time to write them. Anyway – I hope you got somethin’ out of it.