Building a $100 Million Digital Marketing Agency


Not long ago, I was flipping burgers at McDonald’s. I ran up and down the kitchen getting food ready, fixing equipment, being on my feet for hours, working in the heat and listening to screaming customers. It was miserable. And I knew I was going to work my way up.

That’s exactly what I did. In short time, I became a manager. I kept rising. And I decided I wanted more.

I just turned 30 and I’ve made my clients over $100 million since I opened my digital marketing agency less than five years ago. What started as a young guy with a dream has now turned into a high-powered team of experts.

$100 million is more than 99% of professional athletes take in their lifetimes. $100 million happens by either hitting the lottery, being born into the right family or by doing an almost impossible amount of hard work and strategy, perhaps with a little bit of luck. And I’ve worked with everything I have to get there.

I believe in the magic of marketing. Nothing exhilarated me more than taking a product or service to someone who didn’t know they needed it and then turning them from an unknown observer to a paying customer. It’s absolutely electrifying. And I’ve helped make it happen thousands upon thousands upon thousands of times. If sales is the art of selling one thing to one person, marketing is the art of selling one thing to many. What I’ve been able to do in my career is to take a set of ideas carefully curated to help many marketers learn how to execute these principles. Now at an age when most people are just beginning to find themselves, I’m running an agency that generates almost $1 million per month in ad spend.

Here are some stats to consider. I’m not bragging, I promise. I’m showing you what is possible. Because quite frankly, I sometimes still don’t believe that it’s become possible in my life. And we deserve to make this happen together. You deserve it if you want it badly enough.

  • I went from dead broke to making over $3 million in my agency in over 14 months.
  • Our clients pay us anywhere from $7,500 upwards to $25,000 per month. For one client, we took them from a borderline bankrupt company to make over $10 million a year.
  • My digital agency averages no less than $80,000 to $100,000 in monthly recurring revenue, and we are currently a $3 million-per-year agency. There aren’t too many bad months.
  • My clients today make anywhere from 200% to 500% return on their investment with my company.
  • Our company has created over 1.5 billion impressions on social media.

Running an agency at this scale every day takes pinpoint precision on what tasks I work on, and requires me to be very deliberate about what I say I can and can’t do. I’ve learned that sometimes you have to say no to a good thing in order to say yes to a great thing.

Knowing the decisions I make can have million-dollar ramifications for my clients puts a lot of pressure on me, but I make sure to think strategically several steps ahead and get guidance from intelligent people around me to make the best moves.

I know that my clients are trusting me with the most crucial aspect of their businesses, their sales, and I work nonstop to make sure I deliver results. I know that at the end of every transaction I execute, there are people and families who benefit from sales conversions. It’s not just a numbers game for me; it’s about the thousands and thousands of relationships behind those numbers.

I want to build the most powerful digital marketing agency in the world, and teach others how to build their own agencies. I love teaching just as much as I love selling. It’s all about creating value, and then training others to create more value.

If you want to learn how I built this business, helping clueless companies fix their marketing, visit and register for my free training.