Digital Expert Managing Over $500k a Month on Facebook

Somewhere there’s a client who is having all of their digital marketing problems taken care of. One of the consultants who is part of this movement is Rohan Sheth, founder of Rohan Sheth Consulting, a company he started from a love and expertise he learned about himself.

Rohan takes the time to make personal house calls, buy fine wine for his clients, and more importantly, get results with his marketing services. In an era where customer service is king and social engagement is the new normal, Rohan outshines the rest with his exceptional ideas and strategies.

But it’s never been relaxed working hours for Rohan. Not so long ago he was a McDonald’s employee who was doing the nine to five workday. It’s amazing how people like Rohan Sheth break out of their shell, let’s find out more.

Rohan, what made you decide to start your own digital marketing company?

I started working at McDonald’s at fifteen because I saw what bad money management could do to your life. By the age of 17, I was already a manager at McDonald’s and climbing the ladder quickly. I quit McDonalds for a few years to focus on school, but when one company offered me a job with less pay than what I was accumulating at McDonald’s, I simply went back to McDonald’s.

One thing I excelled at was direct sales, after McDonald’s I went into this line of work and began making $15k – $20k per month. During this time I started developing a love for online marketing. I was already great at working with people, so once I learned I could combine online marketing, direct sales, and the power of persuasion I had with people I started a digital marketing firm that I run today.

You have to figure out what you’re great at and then drive toward this goal. Sometimes people get lucky and find it earlier in life than others. Sometimes you find yourself learning this at a later stage in life, but the important thing is to FIND your talent.

What were your views on your startup? Did you develop a team of people early on?

From the beginning, I was a jack of all trades type person in my company. I would sell it, fulfill it, manage the deal, and pretty much do everything myself for the agency.

Once I had scaled the company to where I couldn’t provide productive growth anymore by myself, I began to bring a team of people on board to help continue the vision I had for my company.

Sometimes it’s necessary to bring on a team in the beginning. Especially if you have startup money to do so. More can get accomplished and it doesn’t take a long time for growth to happen. However, since most people don’t have startup capital, they have to do it like I did, grow the company solo.

Once you do decide to bring on a team of people to your business, make sure you are onboarding employees or contractors who bring value to your business in a positive way. Since my team onboarding in 2015 until today, we have tripled the company in value and growth.

Was there a moment when you were scaling your business alone when you realized this could be something big?

I realized the full potential of the company was right before I began to onboard team members in 2015. This was when I started to see the big picture and huge numbers from the growth happening online right before my eyes.

Once I saw this happening, I capitalized on the visibility and started to double down on everything I was doing that year. One thing which was important for my business was the ability to stay consistent in order to reap these conclusions for my company.

How can you reap the rewards if your audience doesn’t get a chance to see what you can do? Only taking advantage of your business during certain high times is not the way to scale a business effectively. You’ve got to be down there in the trenches, even when everyone else can’t see where your business is heading, it’s important to keep that vision intact.

It’s like a seed you bury in April. You can’t see the seed, but you water it daily. You have faith that the thing you planted so long ago will finally sprout from the ground and begin growing. It’s only when the seed sprouts from the earth that everyone else can see what you have been seeing faithfully for so long. Keep watering.

What are some of the biggest accomplishments of your business?

One thing that stands out specifically to me is how we took a company from $30,000 to $1.6 million. We have taken multiple companies into the value and growth of over a million dollars each month.

Honestly, while all of these numbers are great to look at, the thing which I feel is our biggest accomplishment is seeing a customer come to us in the beginning and feel like their business won’t make it. It’s like the seed they planted and watered, their faith wavers a bit and they need help.

Our biggest accomplishment is watching these clients leave our office showing the results of what they first envisioned so long ago. That’s why I do what I do. To create a happy customer, a successful customer and there’s no better feeling than than.

Finally, how are you transitioning your customer base to learn more about your many areas of expertise within your company?

For a while, my company was known for building your business using Facebook ads. However, we have transitioned our customers into a broader work arena for my business by sharing information about the successes of other social platforms and strategies as well.

For instance, we share information about YouTube ads and other media buying outlets which can provide growth and leverage for their company online. Today people understand we are a large media buyer with expertise in all things digital marketing, not just Facebook ads.

It’s the simple theory of producing informative strategies that will work for our clients. This can come in the form of blog articles, YouTube videos, Facebook Live video’s, and even simple social media posts. Any kind of way to get the information out there is a great strategy to leverage more expertise for the business.