Believe In Your Digital Marketing Skills But NEVER Stop Improving

Let’s talk about your marketing skills. And, how I entered into the Digital Marketing World.

Why and When I Entered into the Digital Marketing World!


I got into the digital marketing world in early 2012. When I started picking up books and reading books and finding courses online, I had to get my head around the whole industry and courses were the best way to do it fast. Forward through the world of sales, marketing and then getting into the world of an agency where I’ve been in over the last few years, speaking on stages, and everything else.

Now looking back at all of this stuff, the one thing that I’ve realized over the years is the marketing world has changed again. It changes so quickly. When I was asked to speak to universities in Vancouver I said no because the professors were teaching two-year-old knowledge to what was working in that time of day but not today.

When Are You Going After the Belief in Your Marketing?


Everything in marketing and its processes is never going to change. What worked in direct mail works in online marketing. What’s going to work in online marketing will work in whatever comes in the future. It all depends on how you use it and leverage your skills for the product, service or knowledge that you’re going to provide.

Back in the day when it was direct mail, and you had a fitness campaign, all you had to do was send fitness brochures in the mail and give people an offer to come into the gym and give them $30 off. Now fast forward to today we do the exact same thing just in different ways.

How Facebook Marketing Changed Marketing


The one thing that always has to be working on and improving on and especially for you in today’s day and age is looking at what’s working in the big players like Facebook. When Facebook first came out years ago, it was easy to get leads on Facebook, like for pennies on the dollar. You were getting leads on Facebook for cheap. 2018 and 2019 those were the most expensive years, Facebook has ever been. However, when things start, you got to take advantage of them and exploit them before everybody else starts. Jumping on them, looking at what’s working, taking your technique, getting to improve on that skillset day after day.

How Can You Improve Your Skills?

Events are one of the best things that you can do for yourself or local events in your area or national events in the country. International events that you can get on a plane and fly to. All of them are going to help you. What you should do is, once a quarter you should try to attend one big event and then once a year you should go to a big national conference.

There is one I attend once a year in San Diego, California. Some of the best speakers out there come to teach and share what’s working for them and the reason why they do it is that they want their audience to learn what’s working and the people that are going to invest in themselves go back home and use that in their businesses.

You guys have heard me talk heavily about masterminds and why I actually like doing them. Why I like attending them, running them throughout the year. Last year, one of the big things that we did at our company was Snapchat Ads. When we shared about it in our masterminds, our students and our attendees got so much value out of it. The reason was that they could see exactly what we’re doing, how we were exploiting it, how we were actually making the most out of that network. Now a lot more people are starting to come on the network and use it. But the people who attended the mastermind heard it first. A lot of times, masterminds are the places where you will find the most exclusive information.

How Mentors and Events Can Help You Stay Up to Date

I’m also getting a mentor whenever I feel stuck or want to take things to the next level. In January, we hired a new mentor for our company to help us get to another level and this gentleman has taken one of his companies from zero to $50 million and we want to learn from him how he did it. The strategies that he used, the knowledge that he has, the business mindset that he has. Just because someone has done something doesn’t mean that you got to do the exact same thing. However, their knowledge that they’ve applied in their business can be replicable and duplicatable in your business.

We want to know how he was able to do it so quickly and when you start improving on your talents, when you started attending events, when you start doing things, getting mentorship, those are the little nuances that you can use in your business on a day to day basis from other people’s success.

The knowledge that I’m giving you from the marketing perspective, from the sales perspective, you can use that in any business model that you want to, whether it’s e-commerce, direct sales, marketing or anything else. It all comes down to the understanding of what works, getting the right mindset or using the right tactics and continuously working on your talents. Believe in yourself and your marketing knowledge, especially from what you’re learning.