How to Persuade The Most Stubborn Prospect to Buy Your Offer


The Yes Ladder

I’ve quietly taken note of what most “sales experts” share on closing high ticket… and any deal for that matter.

And it’s clear to me that most have no idea what they are talking about.

See, it’s one thing to get on the phone and make a few sales here and there…

But it’s a whole different kettle of fish when it comes to selling door to door education programs for over $7,000…

…for a prospects children, whilst sitting at their living room table.

If you can master this… that’s when you REALLY know you can sell anything, to anyone… no matter the price.

Over the next few posts, I’m going to reveal the psychological strategies and processes I discovered from learning to sell in the harshest environment of all:

Door to door.

And exactly how I used these secrets to grow my agency to over $2M+ in annual revenue.

Today, I’m going to share with you a quick technique you can use to control a conversation and start moving towards the close.

It’s what I call… The Yes Ladder.

Now, you may have heard of this before…

But The Yes Ladder is the process of getting a prospect to make a series of micro commitments – before asking for the sale.

By doing this… you essentially have them climb up a ladder of “yes’”.

Now – why is this necessary?

And more importantly… why does it work?

Well – by getting someone to make a micro-commitment… you achieve 2 things.

  • #1 – the prospects subconscious mind gets familiar with the idea of agreeing with you
  • #2 – you establish authority with the prospect, and make them realize you aren’t a time waster

Let me give you an example:

When I was selling natural gas door to door… this is what would happen:

I’d knock on the door, the prospect would open it – and the dialogue would go like this:

“Hey – do you have 5 minutes so I can explain how you can save money off your gas bill?”

All I am asking for at this point is 5 minutes.

The only logical answer is YES.

For someone to say no to speaking with me for 5 minutes for a chance to save money would make be flat out stupid.

I would then follow up with this:

“Is now a good time for you?”

If they say yes… I’ve cleared the possibility of distractions like children, pets etc.

If they say no, I will establish a time that suits them best.

So already… they will have agreed with me twice. This positions me as an expert with something valuable to say – and now I have their attention.

Remember the rules:

  • #1 – get them to agree
  • #2 – establish authority

From here I’d continue taking the prospect through a series of hoops, only ever asking them small questions that would get them to agree with me…

Then, when I finally got to the business end of town, and had to close the deal – it would be much easier to understand what the actual objections were – which were normally centred around fear…

But I’ll talk about the rest of the sale later…

This is the true key to sales.

Getting people to agree with you, establishing authority and then you can dig into the emotional chamber of why you should choose to work with them… so they essentially sell themselves.

Fast forward to today, and in my agency, things are very similar:

Every call I get on, I ask the prospect this:

“I know right now we are chatting for 1 of 2 reasons – either your traffic sucks, or it doesn’t convert. Am I correct?”

To which they ALWAYS say yes.

I will normally qualify with a few more questions they will agree with. At this point, I’ll ask why we are on the call, and establish that growrev is the best option for growing their company.

By using this process alone… I can’t recall the last time I pitched less than a $10K+ monthly retainer and I’ve converted 100% of prospects.

So – here’s the takeaway:

Contemplate how you can start your sales conversations with small questions that lead to micro commitments from your prospects and lead them down ‘The Yes Ladder’.