How To Start A Marketing Agency With $0 Investment

In this blog post, you’re going to learn how you can create and start a digital marketing agency today, for zero dollars. It’s how I did it and how I teach tons of other students to do it, and I’m giving it to you for absolutely free.

Step 1. LinkedIn

Go to You’re going to create yourself a profile. Make yourself look like someone that comes from a standpoint of authority and understands the digital marketing industry. I suggest LinkedIn because it’s one of my favorites. It’s how I started my business. It’s how I scale my business. Transitioned that into a digital marketing business, using a recurring model, and then went from zero to $10,000 a month using LinkedIn. You could literally go in and talk to real estate agents. You can talk to mortgage brokers. Talk to authors, talk to spas, gyms, plumbers, roofers, you name it. There are tons of businesses that you can sell to on LinkedIn.

Step 2. Finding your Niche

Firs,t of all you got to understand who are you going to speak to. Then you’ve got to choose what you’re going to do in the digital agency world because you can be selling SEO services. You could be selling websites or PPC advertising. There are tons of things that you could be selling. So let’s say, for example, you’re going to talk to someone that’s a real estate agent. So you’re going to go on Linkedin, you’re going to search for real estate agents, and then it’s going to give you a list of them, whether it’s in a city whether in your country. I always suggest starting locally and then going nationally and then going internationally. Once you’ve done that, what you’re going to do is you’re going to literally go in and give them a piece of advice, a piece of free advice.

Step 3. Providing Value

If you’re going to be selling websites, they are the easiest thing that you could sell in the digital marketing space. If you come from a perspective of say, hey, here’s something for free. You’re going to talk to them as if they understand what’s going on. If you give them mumbo jumbo that they don’t understand, they’re not going to want to do business with you, you are going to scare them away from wanting to do business with you. So I literally would go and say:

Hey I’m not sure if you understand what SEO is but with search engine optimization, you need to make sure that your website is fully optimized and that you are ranking on Google. If you’re not ranking on Google, nobody knows how to find you, you put in real estate agent in Toronto, Ontario and you’re not going to show up even though that’s a high search term.

People just don’t even know who you are, and where you stand. Most of you are probably reading this on mobile right now. Majority of the searches and today over 80% of searches coming from mobile. If their websites aren’t mobile optimized, it’s not going to load. Think about it. Screen that big versus the screen that you’re reading this on. If you are on mobile or if you have a phone beside you, how small that is. Your websites have to be mobile optimized. If they’re not mobile optimized, Google is definitely not properly indexing it. Explaining what that means to them. I literally I break down exactly what was wrong with his website, how he could fix it, how much more business it can bring him, and then from there turn around and take that and give it to him for free because that’s going to add value to his business because then he or she is 99% more inclined to do business with you.

Law of Averages

Remember the one thing that I’ve taught in all of my sales is called the law of averages. You have to literally talk to you a certain amount of people every single day over a certain amount of time and the law of averages are going to work in your favor for you to literally get out there and get business. As long as you know how to give value, those two things right there can literally turn into a business opportunity for you from LinkedIn.

Cold Calling

What you can start doing is cold calling. Pick up the phone and start cold calling businesses. There are thousands of businesses in your neighborhood that could use your help. You can start calling restaurants, you can start calling spas. Restaurants are so simple because there are tons of them in every nook and cranny. There are businesses and restaurants that need your help.

Now let’s say, for example, you go to a restaurant and you really love the food. You search them up on Instagram and search them up on Facebook. They don’t exist. What is that going to do for them? Now that is a NEED that you can solve because they have something solid to provide to an audience that can help and you can give that to them.

“Listen, I took a look while I was sitting waiting for my food on Instagram and saw you guys don’t really have much going on here.

Do you realize Instagram is the fastest growing social network today and you’re not taking advantage of it? You are losing out to other mom and pop shop restaurants or other businesses in your area by just literally not even paying attention to a few minor tweaks. These are a couple of things that you can do.”

Break down one, two, three, four, whatever you’re doing, break it down for them. You have to keep it simple. It doesn’t matter if it’s LinkedIn, email, or cold calling. My top two are LinkedIn and cold calling. It requires zero investment because you already more than likely have a computer or a phone so you can use your LinkedIn on a computer or phone.

You don’t need a fancy iMac, you don’t need any of that. Literally $0, no investment using what you already have. All you need is a little bit of sweat equity, a little bit of hustle and just the tenacity of getting off your ass and getting out there and doing it.