Why The Courses You Buy Make You Broke

Research Before Buying

Sometimes you buy into someone or something that really isn’t truthful to you as they possibly could be.

Do a little bit of research before buying something whether you’re buying something from an individual or a company. Look at their tenure, accolades, and experience in the business. You might also want to know, what kind of credibility comes from their specialized knowledge.

The creation of this content and making the blogs on this site comes from an authentic standpoint. I want to show you what’s working and what’s not. My previous blogs have been about some of the things that I’ve struggled with to some of the things that I invested tons and tons of time and money into and just completely bombed. The reason why I do that is because I don’t want you guys to fall for those fraud marketing gurus and business gimmicks.



Make an Honest Decision

A lot of the content that is going to be coming out would be the borderline, calling a lot of these guys out, not do it from a heat perspective, but it’s important to get results. So if you pay someone thousands of dollars, I want you to be certain that they will get you the results and clients that you deserve.